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For the first time I lay my hand on a ”chisita” when I was 6 years old and didn t even knew to write, but I draw the first lines over an egg.

I am now the fourth generation in my family that keeps these traditions, we have a class of painting eggs tradition at the ”ION IRIMESCU” art school in Suceava, a class at the Izvoarele Sucevei school. So, we are teaching that art, hoping that it will last for long time.

At the beginings, we were working only before Easter, but now we work every day, for the demand of painted eggs grows.

Me and my family, we participated over the time to many fairs and exhibitions in Romania and worldwide. In Romania, we have participated at fairs from: The Romanian Peasant Museum, Village Museum, Dalles Hall, Astra Museum in Sibiu, an other museums and fairs in Cluj, Targoviste, Ramnicu Valcea, Bran, Calarasi, Iasi, Suceava, Ciocanesti, Oradea, etc

International fairs: India (New Delhi, Bangalore), Norway (Oslo), Bruxelles, Germany (Berlin, Ulm, Ausburg), Austria (Viena, Graz, Linz), Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Castellion), France( Strasbourg, Paris, Lille), Greece, Hungary (Budapest), etc.

                                                                                            Zinici I Ion